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The Hare is a mysterious feature in ancient mythology, a symbol of fertility balancing male and female in union and a sacred symbol of the creative power of the universe.

Long connected with moon gazing, as nocturnal creatures it was not unusual at one time to see a meadow of grazing hares, their long ears and noses silhouetted in the pearly moonlight.

Especially at the time of the Spring Equinox, it is surrounded by ancient beliefs involving balance, life, regeneration, infinity and eternity.

Balancing on his front feet he is mounted on a wooden slice and in this pose measures 40cm high by 45cm wide (on account of his very large feet).  He is entirely felted in blended sheep’s wool over a wire armature, so his pose can be gently altered.

Leaping Hare is a collectible fellow not a toy and will be delivered with care FOC.









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