Last Christmas Beret

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I was approached by a lady from London at the beginning of this month.  “I have lost my favourite beret and I only know it was made in Cornwall!”

She had received the hat as a Christmas gift from her mother-in-law and wore it everywhere last winter.  Subsequently she produces a faded photo which I immediately recognise as the first hat I ever decorated.

Faded Beret

We’re both quite elated at this point.  She is delighted at finding me and the prospect of replacing her beloved beret.  I am delighted that my beret found such an appreciative home and that she had taken the trouble to seek me out.

With pleasure a couple of weeks later a brand new beret winged it’s way up to London along with another from my Etsy shop.

Blue Beret

So many things won’t be the same this Christmas, but in a dark time, a little ray of sunshine shone.




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