What is?

Close up photograph of felting a ladybirdNeedle felting is the art of sculpting fibre into shapes using a special barbed needle.  So how does that fluff turn into amazing creations?  Here is the science bit: agitation of the wool fibres causes them to entangle and form a dense matted felt.  It’s all to do with microscopic scales on the fibres that catch and lock together. The magic happens when the felting process is controlled and the wool can be formed into sculptural shapes. So with a lot of stabbing and layering you can create pretty much anything.

Needle felting requires very little equipment.  But it does require time, patience and the occasional pricked finger.  It is a great way to pass the time and express creativity.

I run popular workshops throughout the year at the Hall for Gwinear near Hayle. The social networking from craft groups like this also provide the added benefit of friendship, support and cake!  Click here to see upcoming dates.

Beginners will learn the basics about equipment and  how to create a 3d shape, attach parts, add colour and a bit of personality to their sculpture.

If you are interested in learning this craft, places are limited to 10 at each session so please book early to avoid disappointment.

Improving mood and cognitive function are just a few of the ways that craft can improve your well being.   Best of all, you don’t need any particular artistic talent and, because it’s fun, you can felt your way to to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Stargazey needle felting kit


I have also designed a starter kit, complete with instructions and everything you need for 3d felting and have supplies of wool and equipment available on the day.

For those who become infected with the felting bug, you can go on to learn more complex skills at intermediate classes for improvers.

I can also run a workshop or demonstration for your group, so please enquire about group rates here.


needle felted beach with shells, pebbles and mermaidsneedle felted pumpkins, mushrooms and conkersNeedle felted cats bears seals and foxes